5 Tips to Help Keep Your Kitchen Clutter Free

Declutter the kitchenA cluttered kitchen is an eyesore, and often becomes a source of stress. Even if you are not actively stressed about the state of your kitchen, research shows that clutter is like stressful background noise for the brain.

If your kitchen counters are cluttered, you are in good company. It's no surprise that most kitchens struggle with clutter, especially in households with multiple people. The kitchen is one of the rooms that is used most heavily in the home, with a need for constant tidying throughout the day. If you are struggling to keep your kitchen the way you want it to be, check out these 5 tips to help you keep your kitchen counters clutter free.

1. Identify your catch-all or drop zones

Most kitchens have a catch-all or drop zone. This is that spot where random household items tend to collect, the place you tend to drop your mail or whatever was in your hands when you walked in the door. Identify your catch-all spot in the kitchen and strategize a better solution.

You may find that placing a basket in this space can be a simple solution. Instead of dropping things on the counter, set them in the basket. When you need to quickly tidy before unexpected guests arrive, move the basket to another location. At least once a week, look through the basket and bring the items to their proper place, or consider getting rid of them.

2. Evaluate the appliances on your counter

Do you have multiple small kitchen appliances that live full time on the counter? Consider these appliances and how frequently you use them. In most cases, anything that is not used daily might be better off being stored in a cabinet or pantry to clear up more counter space.

This may change seasonally as well. For example, you might use your stand mixer more during the fall and winter when you are baking often, and your blender for smoothies during the hotter months. Take a look around your kitchen and make note of how recently or frequently you have used each appliance and see if there are some you could move off the counter.

3. Pare down your kitchen tools

Have you collected more kitchen tools than you need over time? Most people have. Go through all of your kitchen tools and look for duplicates you do not need or tools you never use. There is no reason to keep storing a kitchen tool that will never get used.

Even if the tools are in your drawers or cabinets, getting rid of them can end up freeing up counter space because it creates space to move something from the counter to another spot.

4. Reset daily

Select a time each day where you can fully reset the kitchen, clearing clutter from the counters and wiping them down. Many people like to do this at the end of the night so they can wake up to a fresh kitchen. You may also find that there is another time of the day that is better for this, like on a lunch break if you work from home or during nap time if you are a stay at home parent.

5. Take advantage of vertical storage space

Not all kitchen items need to be stored in cabinets, drawers, or on the counter. You can also get creative with vertical space, taking advantage of the walls and ceiling by using these types of storage solutions:

  • Hanging a basket under upper cabinets for fruit
  • Installing a magnetic strip for knives to eliminate the need for a knife block
  • Hanging pots and pans from the ceiling
  • Put up small shelves for salt, pepper, oil, or other frequently used ingredients that tend to live on the counter

In some cases, your kitchen may be feeling cluttered because it is no longer meeting the needs of your household, and it is time to think about moving. If this sounds like you, let's talk about how we can help you find your ideal home for sale in Texas Hill Country. Contact us any time to learn more.

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