Bathroom Organization Ideas That Cut The Clutter

Having a well-organized bathroom is critical for a smooth morning and relaxing nighttime routines. Utilizing various smart storage solutions allows you to add functionality and space to your bathroom. The following infographic will provide more information on how to bring order to shelving, vanities, countertop areas and under the sink storage spots.

Keeping an organized bathroom is much easier when there is dedicated storage spots for your products. Floating or open shelving adds a modern touch over traditional cabinets but does not offer hidden storage for daily toiletries. Over the toilet and corner shelving can provide functionality to dead space. However, if you choose to use an over the toilet storage option, you should get in the habit of keeping the toilet cover closed to minimize contamination.

It does not matter if your bathroom is big or small, savvy storage ideas can help you add space and stay organized. For more ways on how to designate storage locations for items, see the accompanying resource. 

Graphic created by Modern Bathroom

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